The CCCSA’s mission is to define Colorado as a premier destination for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing while introducing new people to the sport.

10 Pound Gorilla has developed programs and acquired grants to generate recurring revenue streams to fund the association. A revamped website, e-newsletter, social media and digital advertising help spread information to new and exisitng customers and drive business to CCCSA members and their resort communitities in the state of Colorado.

Steps to SUCCESS

10 Pound Gorilla has worked for the Colorado Cross Country since 2007 with minimal involvement until 2014. In 2014, we pitched a campaign that increased the association’s annual funding by $60,000 and changed the organization overnight. This year, the CCCSA expects to bring in more than $75,000 through its annual fundraising campaign.

10 Pound Gorilla developed a social media strategy to promote CCCSA members and introduce new enthusiasts to the sport. In 2016, the campaign raised over $47,000 in revenue and attracted roughly 2,800 visitors, of which 2,380 were new to the participating resorts. In just 4 months, the campaign generated roughly 4,567,800 impressions for the CCCSA.

During the 2016/2017 season, we implemented an e-newsletter sign-up offer, which increased subscribers by roughly 1500 in less than three months. The newly redesigned website increased website visits by 67% in less than one year.

10 Pound Gorilla concepted and implemented a season punch pass program and a Colorado Nordic race series. The Punch Pass launched November 2016 and earned the CCCSA more than $10,000 with roughly $25,000 in paid ad value from a single press release. The race series opened relationships with Nordic clubs, sports shops and created sponsorship conversations with industry partners. PR efforts lead to an internationally syndicated radio interview with an audience of over 10.5 million.

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