Use these 7 Shopify plugins and Apps to supercharge your storefront, enhance your customer’s shopping experience, step-up customer/visitor engagement, and seamlessly increase online sales revenue    

With over 600,000+ merchants in 175 countries using Shopify, it (Shopify) has become one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms available – especially for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). You get everything you need integrated into a single dynamic platform – web storefront, marketing tools, secure payment processing and expedited shipments.

But, if you are one of those 600,000+ Shopify merchants, you are always on the lookout for ways to enhance and supercharge your storefront. While native tools provide you a lot of functionality to enable you to run your business pretty effectively, there are addons and plugins out there that let you significantly extend those features.

Let’s take a look at seven such tools that no Shopify storefront owner should live without in 2018 and beyond!

Shopify Plugins and Addons

Before we do a deep-dive review of our seven Shopify plugins, I’d like to clarify that this isn’t a ranking of these Apps. Each of them serves a niche requirement for online merchants and, therefore, they are not mutually exclusive – you can use any or all of them together. The choice is yours.

Shopify App Store

More importantly though, it helps to underscore the fact that ALL of these are 3rd-party tools – not native Shopify widgets. However – and this is a huge deal – they are ALL available through the Shopify App Store, and they have ALL been verified by Shopify. Shopify won’t list a plugin or App on its App Store if it’s not verified by them.

With that out of the way, lets take a look at our 7 must have 2018 Shopify plugins.

1. Oberlo – Easy Marketplace searching Tool

Oberlo: If you are new to Shopify, or even if you are new to the idea of even creating a Storefront, then the first question on your mind will likely be: Once I get my Shopify account, what products should I sell? And of course, once you determine WHAT you want to sell, you’re likely going to know: WHERE can I find them?

Oberlo Shopify App

Well, while others are combing the depths of the internet to look for the right product or service to offer on their Shopify storefronts – an exercise that consume hours or even days on end! – you can use Oberlo to get what you need in a matter of minutes! This FREE Shopify plugin searches millions of potential online opportunities for you, and then presents them to you so you can decide whether they are the right ones to add to your Storefront.
Your Storefront can literally start offering hundreds of products by directly importing them into your website. The products will be drop-shipped directly to your customers, so you’ll never need to deal with shipping or logistical nightmares. Best of all, you never have to worry about updating product prices – EVER! – because Oberlo takes care of all those administrative details for you!

2. Sumo - Free Exit-Intent Popups, Email Marketing Tools, and More

Sumo: Selling starts when you connect with visitors and prospects. If you lack that connection, you will never be able to convert protects into paying customers – It’s that simple! And the majority of storefront owners build that “connection” through emails. Email lists are like gold mines – the more contacts you have on your list, the more opportunity you have to target your sales effort…and Sumo is there to help you in that endeavor.
This plugin offers free exit-intent popups, an integrated Email List-builder, Share buttons, Google Analytics integration, Live chat and much more. It also helps you grow and monetize your email list based on email information provided by your visitors. Sumo, with its suite of other integrated features, can be a powerful ally to convert casual visitors to paying customers.
Sumo’s integration with popular email and marketing ad platforms, like SendGrid, MailChimp and Hubspot, means you can now seamlessly leverage your email lists to run highly concentrated marketing campaigns from lists compiled via your Storefront.

sumo shopify app

3. One Click Social Login

One-Click Social Login: One of the biggest selling features that any Storefront owner can hope for, is to make it easy for visitors, prospects and returning customers to step inside the store and make a purchase. The easier and more seamless this experience is, the greater is the likelihood that sales will grow. With hundreds of users frequenting social media platforms daily, wouldn’t it be great to have a way to use those platforms to funnel sales to your store? Well…now there is!

One Click Social Login Shopify App

One Click Social Login is a 3rd party Shopify plugin that you can use to get the power of other popular social media sites, like Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Amazon, Google+ and many others, to help drive customers/visitors to your site.
Once installed, it makes it easier for prospects to sign-up to your storefront using their existing social profiles. Installation options include the automatic install or, for the somewhat technically oriented, the tool allows you to copy/paste a snippet of code to activate the App in your Storefront.

4. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

Free Shipping Bar: This 3rd-party App offers free shipping to customers on your Shopify storefront to help garner even higher sales per checkout. Customize your free shipping offers based on parameters you can define – value, or geo-targeting (US, Canada etc.). It’s highly responsive design provides a consistent look/feel to your Storefront, regardless of which device – Tablet, Phone, Desktop – it is being viewed on.

Free Shipping Bar Shopify App by Hextom

The cool thing about this add-on is that it offers Storefront owners a brand-neutral way to integrate all of these features onto their site.  Developers of the Shipping Bar App do not display their brand on the tool, so it integrates neatly into your own store’s design and themes.

5. SMAR7 Bundle Upsell

SMAR7 Bundle Upsell

Bundle Upsell:  Long-time merchants will tell you that the best way to make customers buy more, is to demonstrate the value that additional products/services have on the ones they are already buying. That’s called upselling, and Bundle Upsell does that beautifully!
It helps relate specific products purchased, to others that customers could bundle as an offer and save. It’s a neat tool to help you upsell to clients based on what their shopping cart looks like. You can leverage other integrated features, like Rewards, Discounts, Free Shipping and other incentives to quickly upsell and “seal the deal”.

6. Sticky Buy Button

Sticky Buy Button: As a Storefront owner, you probably take great pride in every aspect of your site. However, without a doubt, your “Buy Button” has got to be your pride and joy – because that’s the one most important feature that turns casual visitors into paying customers. Shouldn’t you make sure that it is always available to your visitors, especially to help encourage impulse buys?
The Sticky Buy Button does just that – it always enables visitors to buy, without needing to navigate away from wherever they are on your storefront. By virtue of its “stickiness”, it ensures that customers aren’t distracted away from a buy decision by needing to go to a dedicated “buy now” page. The “buy” button will always follow your visitors, regardless of where they are on a page…always eager to place the order and seal the deal!

7. Kit

Kit: With so much power vested in Social media platforms today, it would be unthinkable for marketers to ignore them as a captive source of new sales opportunities. But organizing and managing social marketing ad campaigns required a lot of skill – and time! Unfortunately, not every Shopify storefront owner has much of either of those! Enter Kit – an integrated Swiss Army Knife of features that helps you set up and manage targeted Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.
Promote back-in-stock items, enhance personalized communications with your visitors and customers, engage with prospects that showed an interest but haven’t yet made a purchase, and create powerful and meaningful reports of your marketing and sales activity. You’ll also be able to effortlessly retarget ads to prospects and customers to whom you’ve made previous sales pitches – just to make sure they haven’t forgotten about your product or service.

Expanding The Shopify Experience

Shopify plugins are a great way to, not only build a better Storefront but also to help give your customers and visitors a much better shopping experience than they would enjoy without these seven Apps. They can expand your Storefront’s capabilities by providing better Admin features, and they can even help increase your conversion rates – something that will greatly improve your bottom line.
Of course, you may choose to expand your Shopify storefront’s capacity by using private Apps and plugins that leverage Shopify’s own APIs. But you must take into account that such plugins, if they aren’t listed on Shopify’s App Store, are unverified by your storefront platform provider.