How It Works

Survis is a content focused marketplace that is dedicated to bringing together top tier local web service talents and business owners.

Users have access to our database of valuable content that includes in depth guides, tutorials and opinion pieces by professionals in the industry. They can contact the author of the content for a direct hire, or browse our database of talents for top rated professionals.

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Professionals are encouraged and incentivized to provide value to the community in the form of both top tier information and quality of work. In-depth reviews from past clients as well as popularity of content from our own users are factored into the Survis Score, our own ranking algorithm. Having the highest Survis Score ensures the top position when users are looking for a pro to hire. Top posts will also be sent out in a weekly newsletter providing further exposure for new clients.

We welcome freelancers, small teams as well as large agencies to join us as certain projects are more suitable for certain professionals.

There are no fees for Pros to join. We take 0% of your future earnings.

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Survis was incepted after continual frustration with the web service industry and its downfalls.

It seemed way too difficult for someone who had no background in the web service industry to hire a trustworthy and competent freelancer and/or agency for outsourcing.

Countless people have fallen to the trap of going to one of the larger freelancer websites, happy with the bid war to the bottom, only to find the results so bad that they vow to never use the site again.

People are tricked into thinking that good marketing results in fair prices and good work. Good testimonials are posted but the bad ones buried forever.

Survis wants to give normal people a fighting chance in the murky waters of the web service industry.

See what your peers are saying about their freelancers, the good and the bad. Compare price points and timelines. Get to know who these people are through their posts and figure out who’s really an expert in their field.

For Pros, get recognized for your fantastic work. Be rewarded for being amazing. Gain the trust of future employers.